Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 20 - Love is Jesus Christ

This day reminds me of the song East from West by Casting Crowns. Christ says that he forgives our sins as far as the east from the west. Yet in the bible it says we will go the the seat of judgement. I struggle with the thought at times of all the "sinning" that I have done. My big ones I should say. Daily I struggle with the "little things" but to God sin is sin and holiness is holiness. So, I just have to choose to wrap my arms around God's forgiveness. I just can't imagine that in my worst moments that he wants to forgive me. My heart is in awe of the love and forgiveness that Jesus' blood has covered for me!

So, I do want to give Jesus all of me again. I know, because I am a controller, that I want to hold on to parts of my life. I have that wrong thinking that "I can do it". I will give it over again and try to leave it at the feet of the cross and just rest in his arms. I need to remember that I am a child and as a child I am to take instruction and if I do not follow I will be corrected. This was a day that was a bit heavy but in the end I feel excitement because I know that my eternal destination in heaven with my Heavenly Father!! I know that he will carry me when I am down, all I have to do is ask!!!


Rich Wildman said...

thanks for sharing. Did you get stuck, I see your blog stopped at Day 20. Maybe this will inspire you to keep going.

Shannon said...

Just dropping by to give you a bit of encouragement. I do hope you continue on posting. Godbless!

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Katie said...

I have read your entire blog tonight & am bummed that you stopped on Day 20. I was so excited to read from day to day. My husband & I are currently seperated after 11 1/2 years of marriage. It is an encouragement to read of how God has worked in your life & marriage. It gives me hope! I would love to hear of how the rest of your dare & marriage has transformed.